Saturday, January 1, 2011

My new favorite blog

I found my new favorite blog. A slob comes clean. The blogger is a mom of young children who is not naturally tidy. I've been reading it for several days and feel like she and I could be long lost sisters. She, like me, is just not naturally tidy. Her blog is a record of her journey to get her house in order. I've said before, as I read other blogs I'm often impressed by what I see but it usually makes me feel inadequate. This blog discusses a topic that either most women can't relate to, or we just don't talk about. I'm working my way through her blog from her first posts to her most recent. I've been working on many of the same issues for the past several months and will figure out how to track them in this blog, somewhere. As usual, there is something she is good at that I wish I were. Actually, there are two. She's good at menu planning and couponing. Hmm, maybe I need to find the something I'm really good at.

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  1. I know this is an older post by now, but I just found it. Thanks for the kind words!