Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day Do Over

We had a lot of snow Wednesday night so Thursday was a snow day for my kids and my husband (and for the parents of all the kids I watch.) I was determined not to let the day slip away this time. So, at breakfast I announced my plan. I wanted for us to get some stuff done around the house and then all watch a movie together in the afternoon. After I got both kids bundled up, my husband took them outside to shovel the driveway. I took my shower, got ready for the day and got started. I was able to get my regular Thursday stuff done (swish and swipe, dishes, two loads of laundry, master bathtub), and catch up on some of the things I've missed. (It's amazing what I can get done if I don't have extra toddlers and babies to care for :)

I was finished with all my cleaning & organizing by lunch and after the lunch dishes were finished we all watched a movie together. That is my idea of a perfect snow day.

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