Who am I?

I am a thirty something wife (of ten years) and mother of two (a girl, 6 and a boy, 4.)

I am a former (and future) teacher.

I am trying to do a good job of running a house and raising my children while staying married to my husband.

As much as I enjoy being married, being a mother and taking care of my home, I struggle with a lot of it. I'm not a very good cook. I am definitely a "messy" which means I have to work at keeping my house clean. I tend to raise my voice and get aggravated more than I'd like. I'm very strong minded, opinionated and can be stubborn. I'm not being self deprecating, I'm just being honest.

I think I'm a good mom and wife. I just expect more from myself.  I have identified several areas I am working on. I call them my Personal Improvement Projects. I don't want to be perfect but I believe I can do better. This blog is a record of my journey.