Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Follow the calendar

Today I've been walking around not knowing what to do with myself. My routine is out of whack because after preschool drop-off I ran some errands instead of coming home and doing my dailies. Then, when my son got home the boys (my son, an extra 6 month old and an extra 2 year old) and I went to the mall to spend some of my Gymbucks. (Why in the world would I take three young boys to the mall? I was told Gymboree has been giving out Gymbucks for six months so I was worried that if I waited the pickins would be slim. I won't do it again.) When we got back it was a little after 1. I've been walking around, picking things up, moving them, putting some stuff away but not really doing much of anything. I need to follow the calendar I have for cleaning even if I can't start when I usually do. Or, chalk up the day as a loss and take the afternoon off and hang out with my son. I'd feel better about that (and he'd love it) than feeling lost and useless.

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