Friday, January 7, 2011

Just begin

Because I was so overwhelmed with the mess that was my house on Tuesday, I didn't even look at the weekly and monthly jobs I needed to do until yesterday. I was afraid I would feel even more overwhelmed and behind. I finally looked yesterday and---it was no big deal. There were two small jobs yesterday (changing the bathroom towels and swishing and swiping) and one more involved job (master shower.) I had both finished in no time so I had time to do some of the seasonal tasks I assigned to January. Today I made up for a job I missed on Wednesday (dusting the family room) and completed today's job (dusting the master bedroom.) I'm so proud of myself for my calendar of jobs. If I hadn't had that calendar I probably wouldn't have gotten to the dusting and I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten to the seasonal jobs.

I know for some people (those who are naturally tidy) it probably seems unnecessary to have things like "change bathroom towels" on a list. For someone like me, if I don't have it on a list, the bathroom towels don't get changed until I start wondering when the last time was that I changed the towels. By then it has been way too long.

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