Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thursdays are my bathrooms day. Every Thursday I swish & swipe and change the bathroom towels. Once a month I make sure I wipe down the shelves and pictures in each bathroom. Once a month is probably not enough for most people but for me it's an improvement. If I feel I need to (or can) add another day I have that option.

Today I did my dailies and Thursday tasks. I was finished by around 10. The baby was sleeping and the two bigger boys were playing quietly downstairs. I was feeling all proud of my self and like the house was in pretty good shape. There is some paperwork stuff I need to work on so I figured I'd do that during afternoon naps. I needed to finish today's laundry so I walked downstairs. This is what I saw:

I know they are just little boys and this is what they do. The two year old especially likes to just take things out and leave them out. But I was a little deflated when I first saw it. Plus, what I don't understand is why the chair is upside down. Oh well. I guess it's two steps forward, one step back.


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