Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, seven miles

seven miles @ 7 am
one hour, 16 minutes, 40 seconds

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, five miles

five miles @ 6:30
53 minutes, 15 seconds

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, five miles

five miles @ 6:30 am
between 50 & 55 minutes (we ran inside so I didn't have my gps watch plus we ran some on the treadmill and some on the track)

Monday, June 20, 2011

adjusting to summer

In my house, probably like most, there is some adjustment when summer comes. Schedules and routines have to be modified. For us, in addition to my children being off school and home, my husband is as well. I have had several friends say, "That must be nice to have him home all summer." I usually say, "Yeah." But I am thinking, "You would think that would be nice but it is not as great as it sounds."

Usually, there is a period of adjustment and then we all settle into being around each other all the time. Right now, we are still adjusting.

During the school year, my husband is gone a lot. Since I am home all day it often feels like it is the kids and I and then he sometimes joins the three of us. When the end of school comes, suddenly he is around all the time. We have our regular schedules and routines, the way we do things and then he is there throwing a wrench in things.

Then, in the fall we have another period of adjustment. For the past several years each fall has been a different adjustment. In addition to my husband going back to school, one year we had my daughter start preschool, two years later she started kindergarten (half-day) and my son started preschool, the next year she started first grade (full day), this year my son will start kindergarten (our district just switched to full day.) Fall has been a time of a lot of change for us. After this fall, things should start to feel a little more regular.

So far this summer, I haven't yet figured out the best schedule for us. This is the first year the kids have taken summer school so the first four weeks of summer have them gone in the mornings. When I was making our tentative schedule I figured it would be similar to last year. The kids would have morning jobs, we would have some kind of activity, some daily reading, etc. School starts at 8, so there is no time before school to do a morning job. School ends at 12 but we don't get back home until about 12:30. By the time we finish lunch it is already 1. I haven't been able to figure out where to fit in reading, activities, and jobs yet.

The other adjustment I am having to make is having my husband around all the time. As much as I love my husband and enjoy being around him, we are not used to being around each other so much. It can cause quite a bit of tension. Plus, I always think, this summer we are going to split the work 50-50. He is going to learn how to do everything around here. No more is the burden for so much going to be on me.

But, as usually happens, I am just glad to have him around more so I am less annoyed by what he doesn't do. I am less stressed overall because I don't watch other kids in the summer. Some of the burden of the work load is relieved simply because he is here to help with the kids, do some cooking, and help with the dishes. We are no where near 50-50, though.

I know some of it is my fault. We have fallen into the habit we do each summer, which is very much like what we do all year. I still do the majority around here. It is just easier to do things myself. I would prefer he do something with the kids so I can clean or organize. I prefer things be done my way and I get a sense of comfort and accomplishment having cleaned and organized. That doesn't help me in the long run, though. He still doesn't know what needs to be done around the house or how things need to be done. I think he thinks he is doing a great job because he does something. I think something is the minimum. We should be able to have this house really clean and organized with the two of us being home. Especially with the kids being gone all morning five days a week.

We don't have great communication. I've tried to have the conversation about what needs to be done. Since he truly has no idea of everything that needs to be done around here (I'll have to write about how I think his mother created this monster) he says he wants me to give him a list of things to do and he will do them. In reality, he doesn't want me to tell him what to do. He doesn't like feeling like I am bossing him around. He also doesn't like me telling him how to do something.

While yes, I like things to be done a certain way, my standards are very low. It's not like Sleeping with the Enemy  where all the can labels have to be lined up. It's more like when you do the dishes, I don't want to have to come back into the kitchen and finish putting left over food in the fridge (yes, I have had to do that) or if you use a rag to wipe down the counters, please rinse it (tonight I picked up the rag and it was full of pizza sauce.)

I swing from being so irritated and tired of those same things happening over and over to thinking, "Really, is it that big of a deal?" On one hand, no it's not. On the other hand, yes it is. Those are the kinds of things that drive me over the edge during school. When we are not spending time together and he is not home, those are the things that build up. Now, they aren't that big of a deal. But, in about 6-8 months when he is gone several nights a week and a couple weekends in a row. They will be a very big deal.

I have no idea how to figure this out. What I have done to this point, has not worked. I need to get him to do more this summer and all year but I have to get him to do it without feeling like I am telling him what to do. I guess I also need to let go of some things. Which, I have done but I guess I can do more.

Here is what I think I am going to try...
I am going to ask him to do some job every day.

I have had him swish & swipe, I do ask him to empty the dishwasher, we take turns dropping the kids off and picking the kids up. Actually, that has been huge. I have been running a lot in the mornings. I get up and out the door before the kids get up and he has to feed them, get them dressed, and ready to leave. That is what I am going to try to do with things around the house. I am going to give him the same kinds of opportunities.

I am going to have to really be focused on doing that. I tend to revert back to what my mom always did (which I have written about before) try to make everything easy on my dad. Instead of requiring him to do his share she did everything she could so he wouldn't have to anything once he got home from work. It didn't matter whether she was home with little kids all day or if she was also working full-time. That is a hard habit to break though. When I think about it, I get frustrated not only at myself, but also at my husband. Now, he is no where near like my dad. He does do dishes without being asked, he does stuff with the kids, he will cook. But, he is also fine letting me do a lot more than he does.

We'll see how this works, I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am the worst mom ever (the tooth fairy forgot to come to our house)

My daughter lost her seventh tooth yesterday. "Lost" is misleading. She actually yanked it out.

I forgot to leave her money...again.

Yep. This is not the first time the tooth fairy has forgotten to come to our house. It is like as soon as I walk out of her bedroom at night the thought flies right out of my head. (I thought I wrote about this before but my search didn't turn up a post about the tooth fairy. Maybe I just thought about it.)

She's lost seven teeth and I have forgotten at least three times.

Last time I told myself I was going to set something on my bed so I would see it before I turned in and would be reminded that there was something I needed to take care of. I forgot to do that, too.

The first time it happened she came into my bedroom a little upset saying the tooth fairy didn't come because her tooth was still under her pillow. I said maybe the tooth fairy let her keep the tooth because she wanted it so badly and we should go to look for the money. I took the money with me and put it under her bed so it looked like the money fell there. That seemed to work.

The next time it happened I was running when I realized I forgot to leave her money. My running partner had her phone so I called home. I think she was awake when I called so I told her that I asked the tooth fairy not to come because I had a special present for her since it was her golden tooth. (It was her sixth tooth and she was six.) I had picked up a Belle barbie for the tub and was waiting for a good time to give it to her. That worked well.

This morning she came in and said she didn't look in her tooth pillow because she wanted me to look with her. I'm wondering if she was testing me. Did she already look and know the tooth was there and wait to see if it would be gone when we went back in? I had gotten a gift for her because she is seven and lost her seventh tooth, another golden tooth. Actually, I had to pick it up yesterday because I wasn't expecting her to lose her tooth yet. She hasn't talked about a loose tooth at all. Last night when she went to bed she said nothing about a loose tooth. Lately, when she would talk about a tooth maybe being loose she would talk about it being another golden tooth and about the special gift last time. (When I accidentally started the golden tooth tradition I didn't think she would have a second golden tooth.) I had her stay in my room while I went to get the gift. I slipped into her room and hid the money (a quarter for each year of her age.) Again, the tooth fairy must have let her keep the tooth since she liked it so much. (She took care of it all day yesterday and brushed it before bed.) The money was under her mattress, right below where her pillow is, technically it was "under" her pillow.

How many times am I going to do this? I refuse to take full responsibility, though. My husband has never helped me with this. Not once has he reminded me to leave the money. My guess is he never thinks about it either. (Although, that probably is another issue entirely. The fact that I do almost everything like this that has to do with the kids.) I hope I get it together soon. This little girl is going to figure it out soon enough and I don't want it to be because of my screw up.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another lesson in couponing

Another lesson in couponing. That's what I'm telling myself my latest venture to Walgreeens was. It was a learning experience. I'm doing that because if I let myself get annoyed because I made yet another mistake I'm going to take my coupon binder and chuck it out the window. I might bash it against the wall until it falls apart. Maybe I'll give it to my two year old Labradoodle and let him have at it.

Can you tell I'm a teeny bit frustrated?

Here's what happened. I went to Walgreens yesterday to try to score some free Bayer. I don't use Bayer but I was talking to my mom about couponing and when I mentioned Bayer was free with a coupon, sale, and register rewards she told me my dad takes Bayer every day. When I saw this Bayer deal at Walgreens I thought I'd stop in.

I had my coupons, found the items, and headed to check out. When I tried to use my $5 register rewards on a total of $5.48 it wouldn't take it. The cashier said the total was under $5 before taxes. I thought that couldn't be correct because I know our tax rate isn't that high. Maybe tax was paid on total before coupons, that doesn't seem right. Maybe it was because I was going to earn register rewards and the register deducts that when figuring the subtotal you can use register rewards on. I didn't ask because I had no confidence that the cashier would know. She might give me an answer like she knew but I wouldn't have completely been convinced she knew what she was talking about. So I paid with cash figuring I would use the register rewards later (I hope I need stuff from Walgreens before they expire!)

When I got back to the van I realized I only received $1 in register rewards instead of $1 for each Bayer offer (I bought two.) Right away I knew what I thought happened. There was probably a limit of one register reward per transaction. I looked in my ad (that was in the van in my coupon binder bag) and, yep, that was it. I should have known better. So, my free Bayer cost me $1. Grrr. OK, that is still a good deal for my mom & dad. I also had a rebate form at home where Bayer will send me a check for whatever I paid after the coupon. That made it a little better (though I could have used that in addition to receiving the register reward.) Plus, it was only one dollar. The monetary value isn't the point. It isthat I screwed up again.

That's not all. I later realized I wanted to get mac & cheese while I was there. Kraft mac & cheese was on sale for $.67 with a limit of three. If I had gotten those I would have been able to use my register rewards!!

I'm going to take a deep breath and try to forget it.

I don't like not doing things well and I don't feel like I am doing this well. I'm getting better though so I'm going to give myself a break. Plus, I am saving a fair amount of money so that should comfort me.

June16, three miles

Three miles @ 8 am
32 minutes 36 second

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer spending money for kids

With the summer, comes an increase in the amount of money spent on entertainment. I wanted to come up with a way to limit how much the kids spent each week.

It started a month or so ago with the ice cream truck. Every time that (damn) bell rings the kids look at me. Of course, I want to indulge them but I do not think it wise to say yes each time. In order for the kids to know whether it was a yes or no day without me having to make the decision each time, I decided I would buy from the truck once a week. If they wanted ice cream another day, they would have to use their own money. (I should write a post about how we do allowance.) That worked ok. The truck didn't come as often as I thought so I ended up buying it almost every time. Not really how I thought it would work.

After school got out, we started going to the water park where we have season passes. The food there is very reasonable. Plus, since we have season passes we get 20% off  at the concession stand. In the past, we would get a treat each time we went. We didn't go that often so it wasn't a big deal. This year I see us going more often. Again, I don't think it wise to allow them to have a treat each time since we will be going so frequently. Just like with the ice cream truck, I wanted the kids to know whether it was a yes day or no day without me making the decision each time. (It gets tiring being the bad guy.)

I told the kids they would each get $5/week for extra spending money during the summer. They could use it to buy a treat from the ice cream truck, treats at the water park, snacks at the movies, etc. My son asked if they could use it to buy toys and while that wasn't the original intent if they want to save it and forgo treats that was ok with me.

The first time we went to the water park they both spent their entire $5. It was difficult to watch and keep my mouth shut. I figured (like Love & Logic suggests) that this is a lesson better learned at their young age when the stakes are low ($5 each) than when they are older and the stakes are higher. First, they each bought an ice cream. Then they each bought a pretzel (which neither finished.) Lastly, they each bought a slushy drink, large of course. I reminded them once that this was their money for the entire week but let them decide how it was spent.

Unfortunately, this happened on a Thursday and the kids get their money for the week on Sunday. I was worried that the lesson would not be learned. They got to spend their entire $5 at one place and didn't have to experience not having money for something else. I told myself that we have a lot of time left this summer so even if they don't get it this time, there will be plenty of opportunity.

During dinner the following Sunday we hear the ice cream truck. Out of habit, the kids look at me. I told them they get their money for the week on Sunday if they want to spend it. Of course, they did. They ran outside while I got the money. We talked about the prices. I was so happy with what happened next. My son (age 5) bought one of the least expensive items. He bought one of the plain popsicles instead of one of the character ice cream guys. My daughter (age 7) didn't buy the least expensive, but she didn't buy the most expensive, either. I could see her looking at the prices trying to decide if the item was worth the price. Then, we went to the water park on Monday. They both bought a treat but they bought one. Today, we went to the water park for the second time this week. Again, they both bought a treat, but one. I know my daughter was looking at the prices because that was how she described what she wanted. "The dollar fifty one on the right."

What will be hard is if we do something else this week and they want to get a treat and ask me to get it for them. More likely instead of asking if I will get it for them they will say they will pay me back. I will have to be strong and say no. Sometimes that is easier said than done. We have a movie theatre where ticket prices are $1.50. We are talking about going to see Hop (again.) We always get popcorn at the movies. I know it will be a better lesson if I stick to the plan, but it won't be easy. They both have a little bit of money left so maybe they will be able to pool their funds and share.

So far, I am happy with this plan and it seems to be working the way I hoped. I'll have to try to remember to write about this at the end of the summer and give an update on how it worked the rest of the summer.

I am linking up to Works for Me Wednesday. (Darn, I was thinking it was Tuesday night. It's already Wednesday. I'm number 207 on the list. I might have to link up again next week so I can get closer to the top.)

June 15, four miles

Four miles @ 7 am
44 minutes

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, three miles

Three miles @ 6:45 am (in heavy rain, it wasn't raining when we began, though)
29 minutes 06 seconds

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11, Six miles

I realized that if you glance at my Training Mile training widget on the right side of my blog page you can't easily tell when I last ran. For my short runs, I have been running three miles several times a week but unless you look at my total miles it might look like that is the same three miles I ran last week.

For that reason, I am going to try to write a quick post on every run. Hopefully, that will make it easier to tell how often I am running, just in case someone might be motivated by that.

Today, six miles, one hour & four minutes.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm so mad I am shaking

After I dropped my kids off at summer school, I stopped by Walgreens to score some more deals. I pulled in a parking spot and looked at the car next to mine. There was a baby sitting in the car, alone, with all the windows rolled up.

I didn't know what to do. Do I call 911 or try to get the baby out first? I started to look for my phone. We went to the water park yesterday and it was still in my swimming bag. I figured I needed to go into Walgreens and use their phone. As I was getting out of my van, I saw a woman come out of Walgreens and head my way. I started walking around the back and toward her car. I still wasn't sure what I was going to do.

Then I saw she was carrying a pack of cigarettes!!

I said, "I can't believe you left a baby in the car to buy a pack of cigarettes!"

She just looked at me.

I said, "Do you know how dangerous it is to leave a baby in a car?"

Her, "Yes, I do."

Me, "It is hotter in the car than it is out here."

Her, "But it's not hot now." (It was 82 degrees.)

Me, "If I had my phone, I would have called the cops."

Her, "Thanks!"

Then she drove away.

(By the way, the baby was still in an infant seat and forward facing. Idiot!)

I'm glad I said something because before I got out of the van I didn't know what I was going to say. Plus, I would have wanted to kick myself later if I didn't say something

After I finished in Walgreens, I realized my phone was in my van. The bag was still in the back. Darn!! I would have loved to call the cops on her and watched to see what they did.

I understand how much of an inconvenience and hassle it is to have to get the baby or seat out and lug it in and hook it back in. Too bad.

What if she would have had a heart attack, or fallen and hit her head, or a car hit her on her way out? That baby would have been left in a hot car and no one would have known he was in there.

The least she could have done was leave the windows open. The chances were greater that the baby would get sick from the heat than someone would have taken him. It still would not have been ok but at least the baby would have been in less danger. Of course, someone who thinks it is ok to leave a baby in a car isn't going to have the sense to do it in the least dangerous way.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This coupon crap is going to drive me crazy!

OK, I have got to get this coupon thing figured out or I am going to go out of my mind.

I was very happy with my couponing the last couple weeks. I only use coupons for items I will use. I don't want to build a stockpile and I don't get things just because they are cheap or free.

Then I saw this post and I don't know what came over me. I knew I didn't want the body wash but the razor and shaving cream appealed to me. I went to Walgreens today with the intention of buying $30 of Gillette products and receiving $10 in register rewards. I had coupons so I thought that would lower my out of pocket cost and I had $6 in register rewards. I should have received $10 in register rewards for the Gillette products and an additional $5 for the razor (naturally, they were out of the razor in the picture but I thought the one I got was ok.)

I checked out and started to leave. I barely got out the door and realized I didn't get my register rewards. When I went back to the register the cashier said none printed out and called the manager for me. He said the $30 was after coupons. At the same time, I realized I had the wrong razor. He figured out a way to give me the $10 but said he couldn't do anything about the razor reward. I thought I could return everything but I would lose my coupons and register rewards. I needed to pick up my kids from summer school so I didn't really have time to deal with it. I was appreciative that the manager gave me the $10 so didn't feel like I could ask him for more. (I think I might try to exchange the razor for the correct one. I will probably have to go to a different Walgreens since once my Walgreens is out of something it doesn't usually get it back in stock before the end of the week.)

I still got a good deal on the products but none were products I would normally buy. I can substitute some of them for my regular shaving gel and my husband's deodorant so it's not a total waste.

Here is my plan:
I am going to start getting the paper again so I can have the ad in hand and be able to figure exactly what I am doing before I go to the store. (Seeing it online is just not the same for me. I need the paper in my hand.)

I am going to print out or write out the complete deal as it is stated on the blogs giving information about the deals ( and

I am going to stick with the plan to only use coupons on items I would normally buy!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coupon Binder

A couple months ago I participated in the challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons about creating a coupon binder. You can see that post here. At the time I was not able to complete it. I have been working on it for the past couple weeks and am finally finished. I probably shouldn't say finished because I know it is a work in progress. I'm sure there are some things I will need to adjust but for now this is it.

At the end of the challenge I knew I wanted to change my divider categories. I only had five or six. I never did like the categories. I realized I only used those because they were the ones I used in my old coupon organizer. It was one of those about the size & shape of an envelope. When I used that it only had five or six sections so I had to come up with categories that would include everything I would have a coupon for.

I bought these dividers during back to school last year. They were supposed to be erasable. When I wrote on them you couldn't hardly see what I wrote. Plus, I never needed to erase. They had to go.
I found these cute pink ones. My favorite color is pink. I saw these a while back but didn't need dividers at the time. When I realized I needed dividers I went ahead and got the pink.

I used my label maker to print out labels and put them on the dividers.
Unfortunately, when I put the dividers in the binder you couldn't see the labels past the page protectors and baseball card sheets.
I liked the pink dividers so much I considered keeping them anyway, especially since I spent all that time making and placing the labels.

Then I realized how silly that was and headed to Office Depot.

Despite the fact that the Office Depot employee told me he didn't believe they carried any dividers that were specifically made to be extra-wide, I found these.
This time before I put the labels on I put the dividers in the binder to see how they would work.
Awesome, they will work.

I took the labels off the pink dividers and was able to place them on the new dividers.
I love it.

And, they are longer than the plastic pages. Woo hoo.
I added something that I hope will help me keep my coupons within categories even more organized. For categories that include several sub-categories I want to keep like coupons with like coupons. For example, within Toiletries I want to keep the toothbrushes and toothpastes together and  make up coupons together, etc. I made a label to stick on the actual plastic page.
At first, I thought that might be a little much. For that reason I have not done this through the entire binder. I'll try it with these first and if I like it I will add more.

When deciding which categories to use I first checked Krazy Coupon Lady's suggestions. They didn't quite work for me. I looked at what my categories used to be and what coupons I collect most and created categories based on those things.

My categories are:
cans & jars
paper products

I know I have some that may overlap. We'll see how it works.

One thing Krazy Coupon Lady did that I want to eventually add is a table of contents that lists the categories (see here.) Actually, I might do mine a little differently. Her table of contents simply states the categories and then she has a page for the front of each section that explains what is in that section. I might combine the two in the table of contents. We'll see. I don't see that happening any time soon because I want to get started on my next project...

A price book. I have a price book but it needs to be updated and changed around. I want to have my price book because I need to know when a deal is really a good deal. For example, if I hear about a deal at Walgreens I need to know what that product would cost at Target, CVS, Walmart, and my local grocery stores. Plus, I could track sales cycles. (Who am I trying to kid, I don't see that part happening, but it could.)

I am linking up to Works for Me Wednesday, Org. Junkie's 52 Weeks,  A Bowl Full of Lemon's One Project at a Time, Organize with Sandy's Organizing Mission Monday, and Frugal Friday at Marsha's spot.

Reasons I will continue to coupon

Below are pictures of some of the items I have purchased recently using coupons. I check a couple websites/blogs for ways to combine sales and coupons for the greatest savings. My favorite is also known as Clippin' with Carrie. She lives in my area so I know the deals she finds are available close to my home. I also occasionally check

I paid between $.25 and $.50 for each of the above items. I know there are some people who are able to get these items for free but I am happy with what I was able to do. As of right now, I don't even buy a newspaper. My mom saves her coupon inserts for me and I print a few things off the internet. Considering how little I invest in couponing, I will take paying a quarter for a tube of toothpaste.

Everything in the picture below cost me $1.06. I used a coupon for the Systane, which was also on sale. I had extra care bucks (from CVS) to pay for most of it.

It's deals like this that will keep me going. As frustrated as I might sometimes get, I love a good (or great) deal.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Figuring out our new routine

I am completely out of whack right now. The kids and my husband are out of school and I am not watching other kids anymore. I have been so looking forward to getting to this point but haven't yet figured out our new routine. Today was the first day of summer school so hopefully we will settle into something soon.

I have several projects I want to do around the house. (paint the outside of the house?, regrout the hall bathroom floor, declutter/organize the laundry room, declutter/organize my daughter's room, purge, purge, & purge some more)

I'd like to write a blog post just about every day. (That hasn't happened so far.)

I'd like to get back on my cleaning schedule.

I want to do lots of stuff with the kids before the summer slips away.

Now that I have put it in the blog, I will have to be accountable for it. Let's see what I can do.

Another funny website--wave at the bus

I just found an adorable & funny website. Maybe adorable and funny don't seem to go together but I think that is what this is.

This couple's middle school aged son rode the bus to school for the first time this year. After the bus picks up their son, it drives down their street and passes right in front of their house. On the first day, the wife suggests they go out and wave to their son as the bus drives by the house to embarass him. It doesn't sound like a very nice thing to do, but it is my kind of humor. Actually, I think that is hysterical. "Let's go wave to him as the bus goes by so we can embarrass him."

After the first day the dad dresses in a different outfit every day for the entire year. That's the part that I think is adorable. That is a lot of work but something their kid will remember forever.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

More reasons I hate couponing

I recently got back to couponing. I have had some success but have also been reminded of some of the reasons I got so frustrated that I quit couponing. Here are a couple of those reasons.

First, I would see advertised specials at Walgreens that combined with a coupon would be a great deal, maybe even free. Several times in a row I went into Walgreens for those items and they would be gone. I would try several Walgreens or visit the same Walgreens a couple times that week and still had no luck. That's annoying.

Second, are things like this...
I know I gave the cashier six coupons. I watched her scan each one. Sometimes at Target a coupon is scanned and the cashier has to press a button before it works. It also seems like sometimes the screen shows $0.00 but the discount shows on the receipt. (Maybe that is what happened and it shouldn't have, I don't know.)

I checked the receipt when I got to the van and saw that only five coupons were applied. I chose to buy some of the items only because of the combined sale, Target coupon, & manufacturer coupon savings. Some of the coupon savings are listed by the item, some are listed at the bottom. This means you can't tell which items some of the coupons applied to.

I could have gone back in to the customer service desk (and I thought about it.) I figured what they would do is go to the register I was at and either close it down or make people wait. They would have checked the coupons and saw that there was one I did not get credit for. We would then have had to go back to the customer service desk where they would have given me the value of the coupon. It was either $.75 or $1.00. That would have taken a long time. My time is more valuable than that. Let's say it would have taken ten minutes (and I think that is a minimum, I really think it would have taken much longer.) I'm going to spend ten minutes trying to get $.75 or $1.00? No, I don't think so. I decided not to go back in. The entire thing made me frustrated, though.

This leads to my last reason for thing couponing....

I'm not very good at it.

I have read a lot on blogs and in magazines and books about couponing but there are just some things I have had to learn on my own.

In general, I do not enjoy doing things I am not good at. Actually, I tend to avoid them. I am determined to get better at this, though. So, I'm working on it. (I'm planning on writing a post about my improved coupon binder this week.)