Monday, January 10, 2011

I have to conquer this clutter-NOW

Why now? Let me explain.

The other night, just after midnight, I hear my daughter calling (in a bit of a singing voice) "Mommmeee, oh, Mommmeee." So, I headed to her room. I didn't think she was sick because of the way she was calling me. When I opened the door, I could smell the puke. Apparently, she was laying on her stomach (maybe all curled up) and had a coughing fit bad enough to make her throw up. I helped her out of her jammies, took the yucky sheets off her bed and put clean ones on. I was thinking she could just come into the spare room, except, it looks like this:

I could have cleared the bed off quickly enough but she seemed fine staying in her room. Before I fell asleep, as I was thinking about it, I felt terrible. If the spare bed wasn't such a mess I might just have suggested she come in there. She really probably sleeps better in her own bed but I hate that the choice of whether or not to use the spare bed was complicated by my clutter. Then, the next morning I realized there was a wet spot on her bed, under her pillow. I had left the mattress cover on when changing the sheets (I don't know why, because it was 12:30 in the morning?) and apparently it was wet. I don't think it bothered her because it was under the pillow but it bothered me. More guilt. It's one thing for my clutter to effect my life but I HATE that it might have effected my child.

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