Thursday, January 6, 2011

updated purpose

Last year I began tinkering with the idea of writing a blog. I'm home during the day with my son and several other children. I saw the blog as a way to get thoughts out of my head that I would have said to people I worked with. Sort of a way of talking to an adult (even if that adult is myself.) I posted a couple of times at the end of the year. Then, I found Nony. Nony writes a blog, A Slob Comes Clean. She started her blog to make herself accountable while trying to overcome her slobdom. So much of what she writes about completely makes sense to me. I went through most of her posts and am inspired. There are several things I want to work on this year. Over the next few weeks I hope to outline those things and organize myself and this blog to help me keep track of all of that work, as well as get out some random thoughts.

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