Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why start this blog?

I only recently learned what a blog was and began searching blogs. If you found this blog you know there are already plenty of blogs out there. I found many blogs I like to follow but it seems they are all by someone who is an expert at something. If not an expert, at least they are really good at it. I like blogs on organizing, couponing, housekeeping, parenting, marriage, being green, meal planning, and feeding my kids healthy meals, to name a few. I'm not great at any of those things, but I try. The thing I'm probably best at is parenting and my kids still watch too much TV, eat too much junk and I don't feel like I do near enough playing with them. Once, I was really impacted by a blog post by a mom who ended her post saying she realized "I'm just not a good enough mom." I know nothing else about this mom but if she was asking herself that question, she probably was at least good enough. Another post I read was by a mom talking about the wonderful breakfast she fed her kids which included fresh homemade bread with pluot preserves. Oh, please! I don't even know what a pluot is. I'm sure my kids ate cold cereal and until I read that I felt good that at least I gave them breakfast and it wasn't super full of sugar. It was then I began thinking about starting a blog people could relate to and that would not leave them feeling they weren't doing good enough. That's what I hope this will be. Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Actually, being a grown up is hard. I hope to help you feel good about what you already do.