Friday, January 21, 2011

Mama's Boy II

A few days ago I took my son into our school district's early childhood center to have his four year old screening. After the screening they send the parents and kids out and one of the evaluators comes out to talk to each of us. I could tell when she sat down next to me and put her hands on the file it was not going to be as simple as I thought. I expected to be told he was bright and had very good gross motor skills. Instead she talked about him maybe having some sensory issues. I could tell she was trying to be very gentle, I guess you never can tell how a parent is going to take something like this, especially when they come in thinking everything is fine. I was ok. I actually kind of surprised myself. When I was told he would need glasses because his eyesight was very poor in one of his eyes, I got very upset. Maybe that's why I dealt with this so well. I've already been through the emotions I felt when I first found out my beautiful child was not perfect. What is bothering me is that he is struggling with something and I do not know how to help him. For someone like me, who likes to be in control, this is very difficult.

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