Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Every Tuesday I swish & swipe. I don't know where I heard of that first, flylady, sidetracked home executives (shes), or the messies manual, but the name is perfect. I also disinfect the kitchen and empty the trash. I have a spray bottle with vinegar and tea tree oil for disinfecting. I spray and wipe the kitchen table, placemats, counters, sink and trash can. I also empty all the trash cans around the house because tomorrow is trash day. Tuesdays are also my kitchen day. That means I can either organize or deep clean some part of the kitchen.

Today I did my dailies and my Tuesday tasks. Looking at the list I don't feel super productive. Then I realize in addition to those things I fed two kids breakfast, got one ready for school, got one of my kids and a spare on the bus, took four kids (ages 4, 4, 2 & 6 months--one of my own and three spares) up to the school with me to get my daughter (with pink eye), fed three kids snack and lunch, fed the baby twice, cleaned up the lunch dishes, changed five diapers and one outfit, got the spare off the bus, fed four kids afternoon snack, carried the baby around in the sling for about an hour, made dinner, cleaned the dinner dishes, gave one shower, one bath, dried one little girl's hair and got two kids ready for bed. Whew. No wonder I'm wiped out at the end of the day. I know as a mom I forget that all the childcare things I do are my most important work. Sometimes I feel if I don't get very much done around the house I haven't been productive. I have to remind myself that those are not the most important things. The little people around here are. (And they are A LOT of work!)


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