Monday, January 24, 2011

Is being a clutter bug genetic?

We worked on my daughter's room on Saturday. The dresser is really the biggest problem right now. Here is the before picture:

The difference between her and me is that she thinks this is ok. Lots of the stuff up there she put there intentionally (like that chick dressed like a bunny.) I'm trying to teach her to be more tidy so she doesn't struggle with it as much as I have as an adult. So, we cleared the top off, dusted and picked only the things most important to her to display. I tried to explain that you can't see the stuff that is important to her (like the photos) while all the other stuff is piled on the dresser.

Here's the after:

The monkey and pink blanket are what she sleeps with at night--and has since she was very little. She had to have them in that bowl, because that is their "bed." The Littlest Pet Shop hamster in front (which is a McDonald's toy) HAD to be there because there are some stickers on the dresser that are her food (I had put them elsewhere and she noticed they were gone and insisted they be returned.) The paper people in the upper right hand corner are puppets made by her best friend and there is no way she is getting rid of those. Wow, this kid is going to be tough. I have my work cut out for me.


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