Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm laying in bed last night, having a hard time falling asleep, when I barely hear music. I sort of freeze and think, "What in the world?" I turn off my fan (I use for white noise) and listen. I hear Paul McCartney singing "My Love" and it sounds like it's coming from the kitchen. I'm a little freaked out but know I have to go check it out. I slowly get up and head into the hall. I turned on the hall light (I guess to warn the intruder I was coming) and slowly start walking down the hall. I guess I have seen too many horror movies because I expect to see Hannibal Lecter or someone standing there waiting for me. My iPod was in the docking station and had turned on. I looked at the little clock and realized an alarm was set. I thought, "That's weird, how did the alarm get set for 11:43 p.m.?" Then I realized the alarm was our morning alarm set to 8:20 to let us know to get coats on and get out of the house. So, I have no explanation for why the music turned on. Weird. As I headed back to my room I saw that the office door was closed. Again, thinking back to horror movies I was a little scared of what I'd find if I opened it. I had to open it, though because if someone was in there it would be better to find them now, right. So, I slowly opened it. Of course, there was no one in there. I remembered I closed the door earlier to keep the dog out. Even after everything checked out I was a little freaked out and jumpy when I went back to bed. I'm supposed to be the grown up in this house? I wonder what my parents would have done when I was little. If they thought these weird kinds of things I'm glad I didn't know.

Did I mention we have two dogs that were out in that room? Did I mention that we have an alarm? Surely I'm not the only person who does things like this, right?

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  1. hahaha we have THREE dogs (one of them is a MEAN [to people she does not know] boxer) and I still do things like this! I blame it on Criminal Minds :)