Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's time for time

I recently blogged about my most recent motivation to get my clutter under control immediately. Last weekend I was given a reason to get control of my time, now.

On Saturday I was supposed to participate in a 12.4 mile run (it's actually a race but since my goal is to finish and not race I call it a run.) My running partner called to say she was out so I decided not to go alone. Consequently, I had several hours I wasn't expecting to have. My son gets up super early so he and I laid in bed for a while. I knew I was now going to be able to attend a Girl Scout event I thought I would have to miss. We needed to be there between 8:45 and 9. When I walked into my bathroom to take a shower I looked and it was 8:00! In order to get there we would have to leave by 8:45. Not good. I can get a shower and get myself ready in 45 minutes, but just barely. I also had to make sure my daughter was ready by then (and she is s-l-o-w.) So, I asked my husband to get her ready and I got in the shower. He got her ready (a story for another day) and we left right at 8:45. Down the street we had to turn around because she forgot her tunic. So, we were late (we would've been late anyway.) I had no cell phone (because it died two weeks ago) and was really worried because the troops weren't supposed to go in until everyone was there. Luckily, they went in without us. Unluckily, we ran into someone who was running the program who had a little fit because our troop went in without everyone (yet another story.) We got there just a little late but it was not good. Did I mention I'm the leader? I was embarrassed and frustrated (with myself, my daughter and that nasty woman I ran into.)

The worst part is that I had plenty of time. My son woke me up long before 7 so I had plenty of time to get ready, eat, get my daughter ready and get there in time. How does that happen? It happens to me all the time. I have more than enough time but am barely making it out the door in time (or not making it in time.) I have to rush and then get frustrated and upset with my kids and they get stressed and upset. It's not good. I've been thinking a lot about how to fix this. I figure there are two things I need to do. First, I need to figure out what time I need to be somewhere and work backward. So, knowing I needed to leave by 8:45 I should've been ready by 8:30 (or earlier) so I needed to get in the shower by 7:30. Second, I need to leave myself a cushion of time. Instead of planning on leaving by 8:45 because we could make it (although just barely) in 15 minutes. I should plan on being there by 8:45 meaning I should leave by 8:25. That way I'm giving myself extra time to get there as well as getting there a little early.

I can do this.

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