Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Jobs

Here is a list of my January jobs and how I did with them. These are seasonal (4x/year), biannual (2x/year), or annual (1x/year.)
Family room
clean sliding glass door-no
vac door curtain-yes
vac under couch and chair-yes
vac lamp shade-yes

clean burner pans-yes
kitchen walls-sort of (kids did)
wipe fridge top-yes
clean baseboards-sort of (kids did)
clean light fixtures-yes
vac fridge coils-no (but I will)
clean fridge-yes

wipe door-sort of (daughter did)
clean floor-yes

Even though I have a couple nos, I'm pretty proud of myself. These are all jobs that would never get done. Some never have been done. I've lived in this house for ten years and this is the first time I cleaned the oven. I must say that yesterday I was scrambling to finish the fridge because I knew it was the last day of the month. I'm ok with that because it still got cleaned out and looks good.

In addition to my January jobs I also cleaned out under my kitchen sink. I gave my mom all of my less green cleaners (she's going to use them anyway so I may as well give her mine instead of disposing of them.) I was able to get rid of seven large bottles from under my sink.

I'm linking up to A Slob Comes Clean for her January declutter update.


  1. Great job! You did a lot, and isn't it amazing how each small thing makes such a big difference?

  2. You did great each yes is one more thing crossed off and one more thing that will be easier next time it comes around.