Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Changing diapers

As moms, we change diapers. We probably don't realize how many diapers we are going to change before that first baby comes. We probably don't realize how many times we are going to have someone else's poop on our hands or clothes. We probably wouldn't believe you if you told us that, while we still think it's gross, having poop on our hands becomes no big deal. Well, maybe that's just me.

I've been changing diapers now for seven years. When my daughter was little, I watched two other babies her age (three babies under one.) When they were two, and still in diapers, I had my second baby. The big kids were still in diapers, my son was a baby and I watched a baby his age. Five in diapers (for a short period of time.) Over time, some kids left, new ones came. I've always had at least one in diapers. Currently, I have a two year old and an eight month old in diapers. Wow, I've changed a lot of diapers.

At some point in time every baby starts to reach to their diaper area. Sometimes they reach around the side, sometimes they go right down the middle. That can be messy. Most of us hold a baby's legs like this:

This allows us to lift the baby up to replace the dirty diaper with a clean one. As you can see by the picture, the baby can reach right where the mess will be. I've learned that if I fold the baby's legs (kind of like criss cross applesauce) I still can hold them with one hand and it makes it impossible for the baby to reach the mess.

This little maneuver has helped me avoid some very messy situations.

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  1. THANK YOU for the tip!! My baby just started doing this last week (and only, of course, when there was a huge mess!). I want to give him a toy to occupy his hands, but of course I only think about that AFTER we're in the middle of a diaper change.

  2. thanks for the tip I think we are getting it down pat here as well after raising my 6 children my oldest daughter started her family about 21/2 years ago and a week ago this thursday added a son as well so now we are practicing our technique on 2 little ones

  3. I use this technique too, and it rocks!

    I also like to give my little one a toy to play with during a diaper change. It keeps her hands occupied, and she's less likely to start crying and fidgeting.

  4. Wonderful tip. Can't wait to show my husband. Our little dude is not quite to this point yet, but why wait? :-)

  5. I will have to keep this in mind for future diaper changes :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think it's a good little trick and wish I'd see this earlier. At this point, my 10 month-old is strong enough in each leg to make this one tough to pull off.

  7. Changing diapers creates a connection between parents and their baby. I've tried changing my nephew too, and though I may not like the smell, it's fun to see him staring at me. Haha! He knows I am not his mother. This is helpful :-)

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