Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spice storage

The weekly challenge this week at A Bowl Full of Lemons is kitchen organization (I'm linking up.) The "thing" I chose today for Thingy Thursday is used for spice organization, which helps with kitchen organization. They are called Spice Clips. I'm sure I got them out of a catalog, maybe Home Improvements. They allow me to hang my spices on the inside of my pantry door, which is a space that was unused and gives me easy access to them. Here is what they look like:

As with so much of my organizing,they are more practical than pretty.

I like the idea of having all of my spices in matching glass jars. But that's not happening anytime soon. This works great for me.

In both pictures you can see a couple of the clips broke. I think I can break each individual section off so I mighty get around to that someday. If I add more (which I have a few extra) I will use Command strips. That would also make it easier to remove the broken ones.

Here is the packaging:

I'm linking up to Things I Love Thursday at The Diaper Diaries. I wouldn't necessarily say I love these, but I like them a lot.

Please don't judge me on my spices. I'm sure some of them are way past their prime. Being the kind of cook I am, I just feel good that I use spices at all.

I remember being at a Pampered Chef party in the past and people tried to get me to buy the garlic press because at the time I had never used fresh garlic. At another one a friend was so excited about the herb keeper. I just could never see myself using fresh herbs. Last summer I grew some herbs. So, I may have a long way to go, but I have also come a long way.


  1. Peeking in from a Bowl full of Lemons...I love that last sentence! That's a great quote!