Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love my cordless stick vac.

I recently wrote about my daily tasks. In that post, I talked about my Eureka cordless Quick-up stick vac. I vacuum every day. I absolutely could not do it without my vac.

Dog hair is a big reason I have to vacuum every day. I hate seeing dog hair sitting on the floor when there is a baby (or big kid) on the floor with it. I started vacuuming every day when my first child started spending time on the floor. Before she could move around, I could put down a clean mat or blanket. That period didn't last long and I knew I needed to do something about the dog hair.

I have hard floors on the main level of my house with a couple area rugs. I tried using my regular vacuum on the bare floor setting. The big vacuum has vents where air comes out, that blew the dog hair away. I tried the Swiffer. That worked pretty well but there would sometimes be a pile of stuff the Swiffer couldn't pick up that I would have to vacuum (or leave in a pile in an out of the way place;) I also wasn't crazy about all of the Swiffer pads I was going through. Both because of the expense and the waste. I had a stick vac that came with an old vacuum. I liked the way it picked everything up but the cord was too short. It was more aggravation than it was worth.

Then I found my Eureka. It was a stick vac (which I knew I liked) and it was cordless (which I wanted to try.) I think it was around $30. It was perfect. I'm on my second Eureka. They don't last forever (but I'm also on my second regular sized vacuum.) I use it a lot. I use it almost every single day. In addition to me using it, there is often a child that wants to use it when I'm finished. This thing has been dropped more times than I can count. I'm surprised this one is still running.

Here's my vac:

My original vac was grey. I found this one on clearance at Target. It's purple. Once my original one needed to be replaced I got rid of it but kept the battery (I should have kept the filter as well, I will next time) so now I have two batteries. That is useful because I have enough juice to use it on all the hard floors as well as the small rugs I have in the bathrooms and by the doors.


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