Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I need a break.

I don't feel very good about my Mommying right now. I have had about all the whining and crying I can take. I don't feel very good about feeling this way, but I really don't want to be around my son right now. I had a few moments of peace when he had a time out in his room and now I can hear him whining and crying at his friend, again.

My husband left to go out of town last Wednesday morning and came back after the kids were in bed Saturday night. My son got sick after school on Friday and was sick all day Saturday. When my kids are sick they aren't quiet and cuddly. They are whiny and annoying. I try to be sympathetic. I sit with them and watch movies and tickle their faces. When someone is whining at me it doesn't make me want to do anything for them. He was better Sunday. My husband went to church Sunday morning (he sings in the choir) and both kids stayed with me. I was able to run after he got back but then he left for a concert at church. He was home for bedtime and put the kids to bed by himself on Sunday. He then left yesterday before dinner and will be back tonight around dinner.

I've had non-stop kids for most of the last week, without a break. When I start getting aggravated and frustrated, I think about the single moms who do this all the time and try to be grateful I don't always have to do it all by myself. But, I'm not a single mom. If I were, I'd be working and would at least have some time away each day. I'm not saying that would be easier, just different. You can't compare the two things. I shouldn't feel like I shouldn't get frustrated just because there are other moms who are in a more difficult situation.

Luckily, I have a hair appointment this afternoon. My dad is coming to stay with the boys. I also have a meeting tonight and my husband will be doing baths and bedtime all by himself. Hopefully, this will be enough to recharge me.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. My husband works a lot too so I am left to look after the kids on my own. It's so hard when I'm not feeling well, like right now. Enjoy getting your hair done. It's nice to have a break and make yourself feel like a person again. I've just started a new blog called 'My Endless To Do's' (www.myendlesstodos.blogspot.com)it's going to be all about my life as a mother. Hope you have a good day.