Thursday, March 31, 2011

Proactive decluttering

Last month (March) I made some decisions that I hope to help me keep clutter from even coming into my house.

First, we recently canceled delivery of our papers. We got our local paper on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I got this for the ads and coupons. I have not been very good about keeping up with my coupons (that's another story) and I began to feel like that instead of ads saving me money, they were really costing me money. I would often see something that was on sale and would put it on my list when if it hadn't been in the ad, I would have been fine without it. My husband would get the New York Times daily. While we cancelled that for financial reasons ($67/month) I am so happy to not have those papers all over the house. If he couldn't read the paper each day they would pile up until he could get to them. Good bye.

Second, I decided to not renew any of my magazines (see here for my magazine issue.) That's big for me because I was getting at least nine magazines. I never intended to subscribe to that many magazines. A few of them I got because I received an offer (because I had subscribed to a different magazine) where an entire issue wouldn't cost me much more than what a couple issues would have cost at newsstand price. They were great deals, so I thought, why not? I know that's how I got Redbook and Good Housekeeping. I won't miss most of these magazines and I will be so much better off not having them here. (And I won't let that happen again.)

I consider those decision to be proactive pre-clutter decluttering. (I'm working on a better phrase. I need something that means getting rid of clutter before it happens.) They are really keeping clutter from even entering my house. I need all the help I can get with that.


  1. Amen sister...step out in faith, get rid of those magazines and newspapers!! My husband insists on the daily paper, but it is small and we live literally 4 minutes from the recycling center, so it is not a major problem, but the daily New York Times...eek!

  2. I like your phrase "pre-clutter decluttering". This is huge, when we realize what is causing the clutter and stop contributing to it. I have organized the same space many times without dealing with the way it got that way in the first place. Thank you for saying in words, what I had not quite thought through completely yet.

  3. I think we all buy too many magazines. And like you, I cut out coupons from them then forget to use them! Good luck with your continued pre-clutter decluttering.
    Yours in trying to get organised,