Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm a sucker--me and Clinique

I am a sucker for free with purchase incentives.

Actually, I used to be a sucker for almost anything free. I used to marvel at the people who could use coupons so well that they would end up with bunch of free stuff. For a while I was following a blog that would tell you how to use your coupons to get things for free or almost free. Then I realized, a bunch of free crap that I don't need is a bunch of crap that I don't need. I also used to take big items people were giving away, like furniture and toys. I figured, if I didn't need them, I'd give them to someone else. Those are some of the reasons my modest sized home got over-crowded with junk. I've been trying to declutter and purge all kinds of unnecessary things from my home. I've been working on trying to not bring unnecessary things into my house. So, I've been much better about not taking something just because it is free. Except...

Bags. I've mentioned before, I love bags. That pretty much includes all bags. I've taken purses from my sister (she smokes so I never use them because they stink.) I've signed up for a higher level zoo membership so I can get the free bag. (Yes, I realize the increased cost of the membership is more than what buying the bag would be.)

And now, it's Clinique bonus time. In case you don't know what that means, when you spend a certain amount of money, around $35, you get a free gift. The gift is a make-up bag filled with sample sizes of new or popular products.

I use a few Clinique products (I love Take the Day Off make-up remover) so I can always justify going. (If I'm going to buy a product anyway, I might as well get a free gift with the purchase.) The problem is this:

I have these under my bathroom sink. There are actually two more I found after I took the picture (one is clear and taller than these and the other is purple and plastic). I always think, "I'll use them to store something." You know what I use them to store? Each other. That's not totally accurate. I use the little yellow one to hold some of my nail polish and the purple one holds my make-up. In addition to these, I have bigger ones I use when I travel and I am considering getting one of the really big ones from Lands End (or L. L. Bean?) with my Discover points.

The bags have gotten cuter over the years and occasionally there are samples of products I wanted to try (like the eye cream) but do I really need all these bags? No. Plus, often there are products I don't want or need. So, they sit in my drawer cluttering things up, not getting used.

I know accepting that I have a problem is a step in overcoming it. Unfortunately, I don't see myself reisisting the call from the Clinique any time soon. As a matter of fact, Macy's is preordering right now for their bonus time and I am planning on going there Friday.


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