Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another reason I quit couponing

I just remembered another reason I quit couponing. Last week, I earned CVS extra care bucks worth $7.99. I can't find the coupon. I cut if off the receipt and set it aside. I found it laying around and realized I should do something better with it. I can't remember why but I put it on the driver's seat in my mini-van. I knew I would see it when I got in and then put it in my purse. Unfortunately, my husband took my van this morning. Now, I have no idea where the coupon is. It's possible I put it somewhere when I got my purse out of the van but I have no idea. (My husband left early and I went back to bed.)

So, I bought Blink eye drops last week because it was going to be free and now I ended up spending $7 on it (I had a $1 coupon.) I use these drops but I didn't need to get any at this time. Luckily, I still have the receipt and if I don't find my bucks I will take the drops back.

What a pain!!


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