Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coupon Binder

A couple months ago I participated in the challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons about creating a coupon binder. You can see that post here. At the time I was not able to complete it. I have been working on it for the past couple weeks and am finally finished. I probably shouldn't say finished because I know it is a work in progress. I'm sure there are some things I will need to adjust but for now this is it.

At the end of the challenge I knew I wanted to change my divider categories. I only had five or six. I never did like the categories. I realized I only used those because they were the ones I used in my old coupon organizer. It was one of those about the size & shape of an envelope. When I used that it only had five or six sections so I had to come up with categories that would include everything I would have a coupon for.

I bought these dividers during back to school last year. They were supposed to be erasable. When I wrote on them you couldn't hardly see what I wrote. Plus, I never needed to erase. They had to go.
I found these cute pink ones. My favorite color is pink. I saw these a while back but didn't need dividers at the time. When I realized I needed dividers I went ahead and got the pink.

I used my label maker to print out labels and put them on the dividers.
Unfortunately, when I put the dividers in the binder you couldn't see the labels past the page protectors and baseball card sheets.
I liked the pink dividers so much I considered keeping them anyway, especially since I spent all that time making and placing the labels.

Then I realized how silly that was and headed to Office Depot.

Despite the fact that the Office Depot employee told me he didn't believe they carried any dividers that were specifically made to be extra-wide, I found these.
This time before I put the labels on I put the dividers in the binder to see how they would work.
Awesome, they will work.

I took the labels off the pink dividers and was able to place them on the new dividers.
I love it.

And, they are longer than the plastic pages. Woo hoo.
I added something that I hope will help me keep my coupons within categories even more organized. For categories that include several sub-categories I want to keep like coupons with like coupons. For example, within Toiletries I want to keep the toothbrushes and toothpastes together and  make up coupons together, etc. I made a label to stick on the actual plastic page.
At first, I thought that might be a little much. For that reason I have not done this through the entire binder. I'll try it with these first and if I like it I will add more.

When deciding which categories to use I first checked Krazy Coupon Lady's suggestions. They didn't quite work for me. I looked at what my categories used to be and what coupons I collect most and created categories based on those things.

My categories are:
cans & jars
paper products

I know I have some that may overlap. We'll see how it works.

One thing Krazy Coupon Lady did that I want to eventually add is a table of contents that lists the categories (see here.) Actually, I might do mine a little differently. Her table of contents simply states the categories and then she has a page for the front of each section that explains what is in that section. I might combine the two in the table of contents. We'll see. I don't see that happening any time soon because I want to get started on my next project...

A price book. I have a price book but it needs to be updated and changed around. I want to have my price book because I need to know when a deal is really a good deal. For example, if I hear about a deal at Walgreens I need to know what that product would cost at Target, CVS, Walmart, and my local grocery stores. Plus, I could track sales cycles. (Who am I trying to kid, I don't see that part happening, but it could.)

I am linking up to Works for Me Wednesday, Org. Junkie's 52 Weeks,  A Bowl Full of Lemon's One Project at a Time, Organize with Sandy's Organizing Mission Monday, and Frugal Friday at Marsha's spot.


  1. It looks great. It will for sure make your grocery trips much easier having everything organized. Thanks for linking it up to my Organizing mission link party!

  2. I'm really wanting to get back to using my binder, and to organize it by categories instead of ABC order. I got a little start, but that was it!
    I would love it if you would link up this post in my Frugal Friday's with Marsha linky over on my blog. Organizing your coupons has a LOT to do with being frugal!

  3. Good idea searching out the extra wide holders for the dividing pages. That is the thing I don't like about my binder. I did use orange pages so I can easily tell the divider pages even if they are narrower than the coupon pages. I might have to search out the extra wide dividers.

  4. Hello, thank you for this entry! I am wanting to make a price book. To do this would i make a list of the things we normally buy and then go around to each store I like to shop at and write down the prices?

  5. I guess you could do it that way. The way I did it was to use keep my receipts and use the information on those. The thing I need to remember this time is to write down the package size on the receipts so I can compare unit costs. It doesn't do me much good to know I paid $2 for cereal one time and $3 the next if I don't know the package size.