Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another lesson in couponing

Another lesson in couponing. That's what I'm telling myself my latest venture to Walgreeens was. It was a learning experience. I'm doing that because if I let myself get annoyed because I made yet another mistake I'm going to take my coupon binder and chuck it out the window. I might bash it against the wall until it falls apart. Maybe I'll give it to my two year old Labradoodle and let him have at it.

Can you tell I'm a teeny bit frustrated?

Here's what happened. I went to Walgreens yesterday to try to score some free Bayer. I don't use Bayer but I was talking to my mom about couponing and when I mentioned Bayer was free with a coupon, sale, and register rewards she told me my dad takes Bayer every day. When I saw this Bayer deal at Walgreens I thought I'd stop in.

I had my coupons, found the items, and headed to check out. When I tried to use my $5 register rewards on a total of $5.48 it wouldn't take it. The cashier said the total was under $5 before taxes. I thought that couldn't be correct because I know our tax rate isn't that high. Maybe tax was paid on total before coupons, that doesn't seem right. Maybe it was because I was going to earn register rewards and the register deducts that when figuring the subtotal you can use register rewards on. I didn't ask because I had no confidence that the cashier would know. She might give me an answer like she knew but I wouldn't have completely been convinced she knew what she was talking about. So I paid with cash figuring I would use the register rewards later (I hope I need stuff from Walgreens before they expire!)

When I got back to the van I realized I only received $1 in register rewards instead of $1 for each Bayer offer (I bought two.) Right away I knew what I thought happened. There was probably a limit of one register reward per transaction. I looked in my ad (that was in the van in my coupon binder bag) and, yep, that was it. I should have known better. So, my free Bayer cost me $1. Grrr. OK, that is still a good deal for my mom & dad. I also had a rebate form at home where Bayer will send me a check for whatever I paid after the coupon. That made it a little better (though I could have used that in addition to receiving the register reward.) Plus, it was only one dollar. The monetary value isn't the point. It isthat I screwed up again.

That's not all. I later realized I wanted to get mac & cheese while I was there. Kraft mac & cheese was on sale for $.67 with a limit of three. If I had gotten those I would have been able to use my register rewards!!

I'm going to take a deep breath and try to forget it.

I don't like not doing things well and I don't feel like I am doing this well. I'm getting better though so I'm going to give myself a break. Plus, I am saving a fair amount of money so that should comfort me.


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