Sunday, May 8, 2011

Typical Mother's Day

Hmm, no one in my house thinks it's odd I am vacuuming on Mother's Day. The seven year old and the four year old I can cut some slack. The other adult that resides in this house I can not.


  1. For what it is worth coming from a complete stranger, "Happy Mother's Day." Even the best moms are sometimes forgotten. I found this out last year when it was just like any other day. I cried for the next two. Hang in there. I hope your day gets better.

  2. Happy Mothers Day! I know exactly how you feel. It's just another day. The house was messier when I woke up then when I went to bed (I work nights so sleep the first part of the day - while the teens are awake and wreaking havoc). I did get some hand made cards and my hubby got me the purse I told him to get. But it sure isn't like Mother's Day was when my Mom was alive. We knew we had to go visit her for a big dinner (which she insisted she cook herself) and we had to bring a gift - usually flowers for her flower beds. Even though we were over an hour away, it was still expected, and we always went. Of course it was always a great time with family and great food, but still the respect for our mother was there. My siblings and their kids never missed it either. I don't know how to instill that same feeling in my kids. If you figure it out, let me know!